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Why To Love The New Deer Valley Grocery-Cafe.

1. Because that wonderful space and deck on Deer Valley Drive where the Stew Pot was for years is just too cool a place to not have filled with something wonderful: a breakfast and lunch café as well as a gourmet grocery with liquor and specialty snacks. And loads of easy parking in a spacious lot.

2. Because when you’re on your way home from skiing Deer Valley and you have no idea what you’re making for dinner, you can stop in and grab Deer Valley restaurant favorites ready to take from the cooler. Think a gourmet pizza (smoked salmon, grilled leek and asparagus, anyone?), the butternut squash shiitake mushroom and Anasazi bean enchiladas, Royal Street Café meatballs or housemade brats. Don’t forget DV’s homemade fig mustard to go with it.

3. Because while you’re there picking up a few items, you can also pick up a bottle of wine (there’s a selection of 20) and High West liquors. You’ve now saved yet another stop on the way home and avoided the liquor store crowds.

4. Deer Valley’s famous “Haute Chocolate Mix” all made up and packaged with marshmallows included. (They also use the homemade mix in chai, if you like).

5. The large selection of pasta sauces to go (try the wild mushroom, roasted prosciutto and sundried tomato alfredo).

6. The Deer Valley Jumbo Cookie dough already in balls ready to simply be put on a cooking sheet and baked.

7. The kids will love the all-natural macaroni and cheese and Moms will love that the color comes from annatto seeds, not artificial stuff.

8. Because Deer Valley’s bakers make homemade breads every day, and if you’ve never embraced a big, beautiful loaf of Struan (a Scottish harvest multi-grain bread with cornmeal and polenta, wheat bran, rolled oats and sunflower seeds), you haven’t lived. Toasted, it’s better than, well, you know.

9. The curried chicken salad, Southwestern beef and corn soup, garlic herb wraps, the brioche with fruit on top, the locally made jams and honeys, the artisanal cheeses and dried meats, the chocolate selection.

10. The day-old bags of bakery items like croissants and brioche for $5.

11. The 2-day old pastry items that are turned into the most fabulous bread pudding you’ve ever tasted.

12. Because the freezer has Deer Valley’s famous housemade ice cream sandwiches, along with the chocolate dipping sauce to go with them.

13. Because this summer, they’re going to put hookless fly rods out on the deck and while you’re sitting out there enjoying your coffee you can practice your casting in the Deer Valley ponds.

14. Because the manager Janine has such a pretty smile and such a great attitude.

15. Because Deer Valley Grocery~Café is yet another example of the #1 ski resort in North America doing things right. Enjoy!

Open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for takeout or dining in. 1375 Deer Valley Drive. 435.615.2400. deervalley.com.