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Savor The Summit


If there’s one thing you don’t worry about during a Park City vacation, it’s a shortage of places to get a good meal – and no visit is complete without dinner on Main Street. Every summer, however, Park City takes it up a notch and literally does “dinner on Main Street” for an evening – closing PC’s busiest street to cars and making room for one long outdoor dinner party stretching from the top of Historic Main Street all the way to the bottom of Lower Main. Park City’s Main Street restaurants serve different portions of the blocks-long table at this annual celebration called Savor the Summit, and it returns next Saturday, June 22!

toast No meal with several hundred of your closest friends can begin without a toast.

This tremendous celebration of food, wine and music in a unique setting is just another way Park City has become a special summer destination. Menu, pricing and bar service varies depending on which restaurant is serving your portion of the table and menu prices can range from $40 to $150 per person (some restaurants include beverages, others charge additionally).