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How to stretch your Ski Vacation Dollar 2012-13

How to Stretch Your Ski Vacation Dollar

Save on Lodging, AirFare and More
As ski season get’s closer, I  have included a few ways to stretch your ski vacation dollars as you prepare for the coming ski season. Below is a breakdown of the expenses for a typical ski vacation for a family of 4 skiing for 5 days and staying somewhere in Deer Valley or Park City.
Not surprisingly airfare, lodging and ski lift tickets/ski school were the three largest expenses on the vacation. These three expenses combined make up almost 75% of a typical ski vacation. I have outlined some tips on how to help cut costs on each of these aspects of your ski trip.

I encourage you to look around at lodging!!  You won’t find a better deal than Old Town Guest House!!  You can walk to skiing, shops and resturants.  Rates include breakfast and afternoon snacks.  Look around…  you won’t find a better deal.
The key to finding the best fares is flexibility. Below is a sample of the best fares we were able to find from different geographic locations to Salt Lake City around the key holiday periods in December and January:

Bay Area to Salt Lake City – $325 Delta/United

Los Angeles to Salt Lake City – $179 Delta (out of Long Beach)

Chicago to Salt Lake City – $335 Southwest (out of Midway)

New York to Salt Lake City – $332 Delta

 Here found a few tools that were very helpful in finding the best fares based on airport selection and departure/arrival dates.

On Southwest.com,try using their “Low Fare Calendar” tool. Click on the Southwest link to the left to see the best fares by location in a given month. It is a quick and easy tool to search pricing while looking at different dates of travel.
We looked at Travelocity, Orbitz and several other travel sites for the best airfare deals in and out of Salt Lake on all other airlines.
A great tool we found was on
Travelocity.com where it prices out the best fare         +/- 3 days from your departure and arrival dates. It’s a simple way to see the best airfare values across a range of carriers and dates.  Click on the link to left to take you to the Travelocity tool.
Lift Tickets/Ski School:
Unfortunately, there really aren’t a lot of ways to save on lift tickets and ski school. If you have time before driving up to Park City, try stopping at the Costco in Salt Lake  PCMR City. Historically, Costco has sold adult single day lift tickets with a $7-10 discount for resorts in Park City and Deer Valley. Also, look for package deals with lodging companies that may include lift tickets with certain properties. Ski   school savings are tough to find. The most cost effective way to save on ski school is to do a group lesson; make sure that they cap the number of students in the class at 3 or 4. This will ensure your child is getting the individual attention they need to progress to the next level of skiing.