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Happy Customer

We all love to get good feedback. I wanted to share some recent comments and a great video that they put together as well. Enjoy!

Hi Deb!
It was a pleasure staying at your Guest House and even if we didn’t get any fresh snow we still had a good time in Park City. And if I ever get back at least I know where to stay!

We left Powder Mountain early Tuesday morning when the snow storm started and arrived in Alta just in time when they opened. After that we got at least at foot of fresh snow every day until we left this Saturday and had some awesome skiing. Just how good it was you can see from this youtube film.I’m the guy with the little visor on the helmet, Marcus is the one surfing on the snow, and Malin looks like someone from Star Wars with her black helmet and white goggles 🙂

Give our best to Adrianne!


Deer Valley with 50″ of new powder

Wow, the end of January is turning out to be just a bit better than how it started. We have gotten dumped on these past few weeks and more is on the horizon. Here are some pics of some of the OldTownGuestHouse patrons enjoying the fresh Park City snow.