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Monthly Archives: April 2009


some Snow and some Spring

Spring is coming but winter isn’t quite over yet… It’s the best of both worlds – some snow left in the mountains to ski on and golf beginning on the greens.Summit County is home to a top-rated public course and a five of the state’s top private courses. And just a few miles away in Wasatch and Salt Lake counties, there are some of the best public courses in the area including Soldier Hollow, the home of the Utah State Amateur Championship.

Come and have some fun, whether it’s in the grass and first flowers of the year, or enjoying the last bit of the best snow on earth!


Awesome Skiing!!

It’s been snowing like mad here in the past few days and is going strong as I write this!  Tons of fluffy new white stuff to play in!  So, come spend a few days enjoying the best part of winter before it’s gone for the year!